Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code, The Last Supper

Millions of people have read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and have been caught up in its story. What is true? What is fiction? Clearly some things are true. There was a painting, The Last Supper, done by Leonardo da Vinci. There are organizations called Opus Dei and the Priory of Sion. But is there really a global conspiracy to hide the living descendants of Jesus Christ?

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These pages help to explore the issues brought out by the book. None of these are new issues to scholars. The role in the Church in putting down pagans and women over the centuries is well documented. The theological gatherings which occurred over the years to decide which of the hundreds of gospels to include in each religions "defined set of beliefs" are also well documented. In fact, "The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail" published in 1982 had the EXACT same message as Da Vinci Code. It talked about Mary M having Jesus' child and that child becoming part of the Merovingian dynasty. HBHG became a best seller and launched fierce debates. Interestingly, the authors thought this funny because the subject had already been beaten to death only 20 years before. The exact same topic was written about in 1993 by A.N. Wilson and again caused debate. In a foreword added to HBHG in 1996, the authors comment, "In another few years, the suggestion [of Mary/Jesus and child] will undoubtedly be made again by another author; and the media will undoubtedly prove as forgetful of Wilson's book as they were of ours." How true!

Please take time to explore this site - but also to then go out and READ the source material such as the appropriate Bible passages and books on Leonardo da Vinci's life. It is only by reading such material first hand that you can truly decide for yourself what to believe.

You, the reader, should not devour my site to say "Lisa is right". My intention is for you to read my site to see what thousands of people find to be in question - people who cared enough to write me and discuss it with me. This entire site began with a single page, and a single picture of the painting. Everything else grew due to user questions. After you've read through the questions and comments, then you should go and research the answers for yourself.

Don't believe the web. Don't believe this website. Look through the questions people ask, and then find the answers from a real source - the actual source materials of the Bible, of Lenardo's writings and works. This site should merely provide you starting points to investigate.

Note that real scholars call the painter "Leonardo". The "da Vinci" just means that he came from the Vinci area. To call him "Da Vinci" would be like calling "Joan of Arc" by the name "of Arc". Nobody says "Hey did you see that movie about Of Arc? It was pretty good!"

So sit back and relax. I have a plethora of notes online about the Last Supper painting, Leonardo da Vinci, and the references made in The DaVinci Code. Read on to learn more!


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