William Jackson
Lumbee American Indians

born: ~1737
died: 1792

William Jackson is the patriarch of the Jackson family in the North Carolina region. We don't know anything about William's parents.

I got a TON of information about this Jackson tree from Evyonne Eddins - evonandrews*AT*sbcglobal.net who graciously allowed me to put it online. Evyonne's research is simply amazing!!!

From Evyonne:

"William Jackson was born about 1737 possibly in Northern Ireland, and married Margaret Wilson about 1755 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Margaret was the daughter of Andrews and Ruth (..?..) Wilson of Lancaster County. Pennsylvania who also migrated into Guilford County, NC. He had a second marriage to Margareth Liviston on 13 June 1763 as shown on page 411 Records of Pennsylvana Marriages Prior to 1810 entitled “Marriage Records of the Swedes Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. William died shortly after he wrote his will dated 1 October 1792 with his estate probated during the month of 1792 and Recorded within the November Term of 1792 within Guilford County, North Carolina. "

William Jackson's children with wife Margaret Wilson Jackson are:

Mary Jackson (born ~1755)
Andrew Jackson (born ~1769)
William Jackson (born 1774, married Elizabeth Oxendine)
John Jackson (born ~1778) Guilford County, NC
Naomi Jackson (born ~1784 Guilford County, NC; married David Oxendine)

Note that Andrew, William and John's lines have been DNA tested and verified.

1790 Census

In 1790, William and his wife were living in Guilford County, North Carolina with son Andrew, Andrew's wife Nancy, plus "three unknown females". One of those would be his daughter Mary. Andrew's first child wasn't born until 1791, and if young William wasn't born yet, then it's unlikely that young Naomi wasn't born yet either. John must be out of the house as a servant elsewhere?

William and Naomi married a brother-sister pair:

Note that Evyonne has a HYPOTHETICAL list of full children for William Jackson - but the names in italics are NOT PROVEN YET. If you have any proof one way or another about the italicized children, please submit it!!

i. Mary “May” Jackson born circa 1755 Bucks Co., PA and died before 1832 Scott, Morgan Co. IL, married James Joseph Summers

ii George Jackson born circa 1755 Bucks or Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, married Sarah Barker

iii. Joseph Jackson, born 1756 at Bucks, Chester or Lancaster County, PA, died 11 Oct 1844 at Sumner County TN

iv. Andrew Jackson, born circa 1769 at Bucks or Lancaster County, PA, married Nancy Kayshire Bridges (Cherokee Indian)

v. Francis Jackson born 1770 Bucks or Lancaster County, PA

vi. William Jackson born 1774 Guilford Co., NC, married :
#1 Elizabeth Gibson [Gipson];
#2 Elizabeth Oxendine (Gibson/Oxendine could be same person – Oxendine, Native Amer, taking Gibson as surname)

vii. Samuel born 1776 Guilford County, NC

viii. John Jackson b. circa 1778 Guilford County, NC

ix. David b.1780-1791 Guilford County, NC

x. Margaret b. 1783 Guilford County, NC

xi. Naomi b. circa 1784 Guilford County, NC spouse #1 Bill Williams; #2 David Oxendine

xii. Unknown daughter born before 1790 probably Guilford County, NC

xiii. Unknown daughter born before 1790 probably Guilford County, NC

From Evyonne:

Jackson County,Tennessee

Name William’s middle name of “Jasper” was given within the Cherokee Claim made by his grandson Robert T. (Thompson) Jackson, who was the son of William Zophus Jackson, the youngest son of William and Elizabeth Gipson Jackson.

Birth circa 1774 Guilford County, NC

Death 1850-1860 Jackson County, TN

Burial Woodfork Pippin Cemetery, Jackson County, TN

Marriage(s) Whether William had one or two marriages has always been a question.. Marriage Records on neither have been found to date. The evidence presented within this document will help you to determine your own conclusion.

From Oral History with elderly Jackson Co., TN relative is given Elizabeth Oxendine – there were Oxendines within Jackson County – William’s sister, Naomi Omaha Jackson, “took up” with David Oxendine.
From the 1907 Cherokee Claim statement by Robert that his grandmother’s name on his father’s side was Elizabeth Gipson, a Cherokee. There was a Jacob Gipson and an Andrew Gipson living within Guilford County, NC., as well as a William Gipson within the Jackson County, TN area. The Gipson surname also spelled: Gibson and McGibson/McGipson

Oral History #1: Met with 90 yr. old Letha Coomer Woolbright; mind crisp, believed what she was talking about. Letha said: your Aunt Barbara Sutton had always said that William ‘Billy” Jackson was a drifter and drifted into Jackson county, TN from New Orleans…met and married Elizabeth Oxendine, not knowing when/where they met./fromReda Bilbry

#2: William came from New Orleans, was a drifter, settled near the Post Village of Williamsburg (Fort Blount) located on the Old North Carolina Military Trace, about two miles east of the Cumberland River near Big Salt Lick./from Georgia Ferry

Census 1820-1840 William and his family members were all are shown under “Free Persons of Color” – within one enumeration only one notation was given, that being: 11 persons involved in Agriculture. Also shown, as “Free Persons of Color” were Andrew and John Jackson, William’s brothers; and John and Hiram Jackson, William’s sons. “Free Persons of Color” indicated any person of any nationality whose family was not “Pure White”. By 1850, all were listed as “White” in Jackson Co., TN. William’s son Calvin (J.C-[possibly the 1820 “John]).) was shown as Free White in 1830 and 1840 within Fentress Co., TN. David Oxendine’s son by Naomi Omaha Jackson, Wilson, was shown within the 1850 census of Jackson as “Mulatto”, living next door to Andrew’s son, Samuel Jackson who was shown as “White”. Andrew’s sons John & Jonathan were shown was “White” the same early census years in Jackson County when their father was shown as “Free Person of Color”

DNA Results (Three different samples analyzed) Our Jackson surname line is of Indo-European lineage
going back to Scandanavian Countries prior to surnames

Reference: 19 Oct 1907 Court of Claims Eastern Cherokee, Washington, District of Columbia: Claim #20899 filed by Robert T. Jackson at New Burleson, Franklin County, Alabama; Claim Rejected.

Your conclusion: This is a decision you must make yourself, based on factual information, and not rely on that of another. This is not my direct line, so my conclusion, nor that of any others, [to me] should not be considered by those of direct lineage to William “Billy” Jasper Jackson. This information is provided to all Jackson researchers who want to include this family within their own database./ere

My family traces their line through Naomi Jackson (born ~1790-1794)

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