Tintypes of Oxendine People
Lumbee American Indians

I have two tintypes of Lumbee American Indians. Tintypes began in 1853 and were used primarily until the 1880s although of course some people used them well into the 1900s. This gives us at least a date range to work with.

This first tintype is of Elizabeth Oxendine, mother of Nancy Jane. The dress is pretty much the exact same fabric as the daughter, both seem the same style and when Elizabeth married Dudley Hunter, Nancy Jane was 9 or 10. So this would seem to be a pair of images taken during that wedding time.

Details on Elizabeth Oxendine tintype

The second is of a child, which luckily is labelled! This is definitely Nancy Jane Oxendine Hunter, as a little girl.

Details on Nancy Jane Hunter tintype

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