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Sarah Ann Oxendine is the daughter of Charles Oxendine, born 1741 and therefore the granddaughter of the famous John Oxendine from Virginia, the beginning of all Oxendines!

Blick_TX*AT* has information on Sarah Ann Oxendine, born ~1768 in Robeson, North Carolina. Sarah Ann married around 1782 and died in Wilkes, Georgia.

More notes:

"I'm so sorry, I have so very little. That is only on my website because of a tenuous Thompson connection that has proven invalid. The information came from J. C. Thompson in Jan 2001.

I believe J. C. Thompson maintained a webpage on RootsWeb -- you an search for Oxendine there and you should find it. He also had his own website -- but I no longer have that link.

Although he was fairly certain our Thompson lines connected, it just didn't -- but I haven't removed the information he sent to me, since it has interesting items for other researchers."

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Cood Oxendine ~1750
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Wilson Oxendine ~1818
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