Charles Pickett Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

I have at least two Charles Oxendine lines I'm tracing in Tennessee but I'm not sure yet how this one links in. This came from and I'm writing to find out more.

Charles Pickett Oxendine was born around 1805 in South Carolina, making him most likely related to the Archibald Clan. Our hope is that Charles P Oxendine is the son of David Oxendine, son of Cood Oxendine. But this is a tenuous link right now.

Charles was the oldest sibling in his group of 5!

Charles P Oxendine, b ~1805, SC; married Martha Shumate
Levi Oxendine, b 1808; married ?? Shumate
Dicey Ann Oxendine, b 1809, SC; married William Ivey
Delilah Oxendine, b ?; married Lewis Bolton
Susan Oxendine, b ? ; married James Shumate

By the 1830s Charles Pickett was in Tennessee. The Archibald group was also in Tennessee, and all were there with the David Oxendine Group. He died in California.

MARTHA SHUMATE (UNKNOWN) was born Abt. 1804 in SC.
She married CHARLES PICKETT OXENDINE Abt. 1830.  He was born Abt. 1805 in SC.

Nationality: Cherokee

Marriage: Abt. 1830

      i.THOMAS OXENDINE, b. Abt. 1832, TN.
      ii.EDNUE OXENDINE, b. Abt. 1836, TN.
      iii.LEVI CALEB OXENDINE, b. Abt. 1837, AL;
      iv.JANE OXENDINE, b. Abt. 1841, AL.
      v.DIANA OXENDINE, b. Abt. 1843, AR.
      vi.MARTHA OXENDINE, b. Abt. 1845, AR.

m. VIANA "NORMA" POPE, Bet. 1874 - 1885;
  b. Abt. 1856, AR; d. Bef. May 1895.

Charles' Sister, Dicey Ann
Dicey Ann Oxendine was born in 1809 in SC. She went to TN abt 1829, married William Ivey/Ivy. She had twin children, Mahalia Jane (female) and Meridith Ely (male), on May 3, 1831. Dicey was in the Bledsoe County area of TN. In 1840 she was in MO, and in 1850 she was in AR. She had a different husband and last name in each place. She came to CA in 1861 and died there.

I know that Melvina, Meredith Ely's daughter, went to Oklahoma at some time to visit with Archibald's family, but I don't know the connection. Also, a picture of Meredith and his wife Elizabeth was found in (young) Archibald's Bible, according to Marilyn Ramey, an Archibald descendent.

Dicy Oxendine married William Ivey/Ivy abt 1832. they lived in Bledsoe County, Tennessee I believe. They had two children--twins, Mahalia Jane and Meridith Ely, on May 3, 1831. I do not know what happened to William, except the children later went by the name Oxendine. Dicy married Oliver Harroun abt 1832 there. Anything on these names or on ANY oxendines, would be helpful.

Sandye Supplied the Above Notes

Charles' Brother, Levi
Sandy says that Levi also married a Shumate girl.

In Civil War records, I found that:

"Private Levi Oxendine, was present for duty Oct. 1st, 1861 at Camp Myers, Tennessee, having been mustered in July 30th 1861 by A.B. Hardcastle and designated as a free Negro, age 53."

If he was 53 in 1861, he was born in 1808.

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