Charles Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

Note that my calling Charles Oxendine the brother of David Oxendine is purely conjecture at this point :) The furthest back we can go on *My* Oxendine Line is David Oxendine, born ~ 1775. In comparison, Charles Oxendine was born in 1772. So they are nearly the same age. I don't know where David was before 1820 unlss this is the Charles Oxendine son of Charles, son of John.

In 1820 he was in Jackson County Tennessee. In comparison, I don't find Charles until 1840, and at that point I Find him in ... Jackson County, Tennessee.

1840 Census
In 1840 there was a Charles Oxendine living in Jackson County, TN (roll 524, page 290, district 10). There were no whites at all. Under "free colored persons" there were 4 males under 10, one 10-24, one 55-100 (this is Charles, age 68). There were also three females under 10, two 24-35, and one 55-100 (this is Sally, 78). David and Omi started out in Jackson County, and by 1840 David would be 65. In 1840, David had moved to White Cty.

Because there are pretty much no Oxendines anywhere else in Tennessee, and we have 2 boys nearly the same age in the same location, it's most likely that Charles Oxendine is David's brother. Note that David and Charles are the ONLY Oxendines I found in Jackson County for 1840.

1850 Census
In 1850, Charles and John Oxendine headed north to Kentucky. Interestingly, Wilson runs to Kentucky very shortly after 1850, too. It's an Oxendine Gathering!

They're in Barren County. Here is Charles,Roll 199, page 405b

Charles is 78 (a farmer), Sally is 88, plus they have two workers with them, Elizabeth Winniham (9) and Charles Knight (15).

Actually I can't find the John Oxendine record on Barr 298 ...

1860 Census
It appears that Charles the father is now dead, we don't find him anywhere in Tennessee. His wife could be dead as well, we don't find her either. But on to the children ...

We find a Charles Oxendine in Grainger County, TN (Roll 1250, page 490a / 173). Grainger is further east from Jackson Cty, and in fact is right next to Cocke County where other family things are happening soon.

Charles is 46, so the right age for the 'oldest son'. He's living with a 57 yr old woman "Usailla", and a few kids - Cornelia 15, Clara 12, Orlena 9, and Archibald 4.

Next, we find a Calaway Oxendine also in Grainger County TN (roll 1250, page 422a / 38).

Calaway is 24, so again a good age for one of the 4 young sons. His wife is Mareto? (22). Their young kids are James (4), Charles (3), and Emily (1).

JP Oxendine is the only other Oxendine in all of Tennessee in 1860. He appears to be one of the 4 younger boys. He moves to White County to live with a dentist family. He's 18. This is the right age to be Charles' son (one of the 4 males under 10), coming to be with the rest of the family. He doesn't belong to the 'local Oxendines' but moved here in the same county.

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