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Nancy Oxendine from Robeson is the daughter of Charles Oxendine, born 1741 and therefore the granddaughter of the famous John Oxendine from Virginia, the beginning of all Oxendines!

Nancy is in fact mentioned in a 1795 paper with the exact name and siblings!

1790 NEWSPAPER This fascinating entry shows up in the North Carolina Central and Fayetteville Gazette on 25 July 1795. The entry was submitted by a South Carolina person who is hunting for Nancy Oxendine, daughter of Charles Oxendine of Robeson County. This is recounted in Paul Heinegg's "Free African Americans of NC, VA and SC" book (page 15) that I own.

$10 reward to deliver to the subscriber in Georgetown, a mustie servant woman named Nancy Oxendine, she is a stout wench, of a light complexion about 30 years old. It is supposed she has been ??els away by her brother and sister, the latter lives in Fayetteville [Fouts, Newspapers of Edenton, Fayetteville, & Hillsborough, 81].

Note that the paper mentions that her BROTHER AND SISTER helped her get away. This could of course be her siblings, Sarah Ann and David!

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