Mary Jackson
Lumbee American Indians

born: ~1755
Died: before 1832

Mary "May" Jackson's parents were William Jackson and Margaret Wilson. Mary was the oldest child of the family.

Mary Jackson (born ~1755)
Andrew Jackson (born ~1769)
William Jackson (born 1774, married Elizabeth Oxendine)
John Jackson (born ~1778) Guilford County, NC
Naomi Jackson (born ~1784 Guilford County, NC; married David Oxendine)

Mary Jackson was born in Bucks Co., PA. She married James Joseph Summers. In her father's will, Mary's younger brother Andrew got EVERYTHING and she only got a small sum (actually her HUSBAND got the small sum). Unfair!! First born SON, hmmmm?

"1st I, Give and bequeath all my real and Personal Estate of lands, horses, chattle’s and hog’s and all other movables and things to my Son Andrew. To him his heirs and assigns forever But my will is that after my decease if She lives, that is to Say my dear Wife, Margaret shall be helped and maintained as long as She lived by my said son Andrew and She to live with him and the charges of her and my funeral Both to be discharged by my son Andrew above mentioned.

2nd I give and Bequeath to my Son in law Joseph Summers the sum of Ten Shillings to be paid out of my estate by my son Andrew. "

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