John Jackson
Lumbee American Indians

Born: ~1778, Guilford County NC
Died: ??

John Jackson's parents were William Jackson and Margaret Wilson. The siblings in John's family were:

Mary Jackson (born ~1755)
Andrew Jackson (born ~1769)
William Jackson (born 1774, married Elizabeth Oxendine)
John Jackson (born ~1778) Guilford County, NC
Naomi Jackson (1784 Guilford County, NC )

In Chancery Records from 1840, we have this description of John Jackson. John's sister Naomi was also known as Omi or Omaha. Note that it is summarized by Evyonne Eddins:

"John Jackson age 85 - brother to Omaha - testified to be 10 years older than his sister, and revealed as brother to Newell Jackson’s father (Newell shown as son of Andrew within family Bible Records) - within testimony John was ask how did he know Omaha was his sister - his reply "my mother told me so" which seems to infer that John & Omaha did not have close physical characteristics since she had been described as looking like a Native American w/long black hair; however she was shown within the 1830 Jackson Co., TN census as Free White Female"

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