James Isaac Exendine
Lumbee American Indians

From a visitor:

"Hello:My name is Burton Hill and I have recently found out that my grandfather's mother was a descendant of Archibald Oxendine. Since I live in NC, not far from Robeson County, I am interested in this family even though she was from Missouri. Where can I go to find out more than what is on your site? Thanks, Burton"

I asked if he meant this Archibald Oxendine born on the Pedee River, SC, Aug 26, 1759.

"Hi Lisa:
Yes, this is the same family. I have done some research and found a photo of my grandfather, Isaac Burton Hill who was the son of Mary Frances Oxendine although she spelled it Exendine and Charles Jessie Hill. For some reason her father, James Isaac Exendine had changed the spelling. Here is a picture of my grandfather who died when I was quite young. His wife, Ella Dixon Hill is with him.
Thank you for the info.

Burton Hill

I have asked for more details about how they connect. It seems that it is:

Archibald Oxendine, 1759

-- ???

-- -- James Isaac Exendine

-- -- -- Mary Frances Exendine - married Charles Jessie Hill

-- -- -- -- Isaac Burton Hill

-- -- -- -- -- Burton's Mother

-- -- -- -- -- -- Burton Hill

Burton is at Burton Hill

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