James Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

From a visitor -

hi my name is linda, I am a lumbee my mother was a oxendine, I am a descendent of JOHN OXENDINE from Virgina. He was my grandfathers family

My grandfather came from Charles and Mary OXENDINE FAMILY. they had two sons - one named James and one named John. My grandfather was of James and Elizabeth Oxendine. James was born on 1795, in Robeson county he died in 12-25-1856. He froze to death trying to make a fire at a lightwood stump, near what is now Pembrke Senior High School. He had been drinking all night at a party at what is called Moss Neck Pond. James and Elizabeth had three sons they are Henry Thomas, born 1815,married Marcie Frances no children. Jesse Oxendine born 7-14-1819, married Catherine Oxendine they had 11 children thats were my grandfathers family come in to play. They a son named John J. Oxendine born 1826, married Mary Mcgirt. They had 8 children. I hope this can help sue27001 *AT* yahoo.com

So to parse this out I think we have:

James Oxendine (b 1795) & Elizabeth ??

-- Henry Thomas, b 1815 + Marcie Francis
-- Jessee Oxendine, b 1819 + Catherine Oxendine
-- -- 11 kids including:
-- -- Charles Oxendine + Mary ??
-- John J. Oxendine, b 1826 + Mary McGirt
-- -- 8 kids

Does anyone know how this connects into the known site map?

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