William Jackson
Lumbee American Indians

Born: 1774 Guilford Co., NC
Died: ?

William Jackson's parents were William Jackson and Margaret Wilson. William was part of a family of many children. He was the youngest son we are sure of.

Mary Jackson (born ~1755)
Andrew Jackson (born ~1769)
William Jackson (born 1774, married Elizabeth Oxendine)
John Jackson (born ~1778) Guilford County, NC
Naomi Jackson (born ~1784 Guilford County, NC; married David Oxendine)

William Jackson married Elizabeth Oxendine (born 1780, South Carolina). Elizabeth and William apparently married before 1800. Elizabeth Oxendine is the sister of David Oxendine, who married William's sister, Naomi. What a tangled web!

William and Elizabeth later moved to Jackson County, Tennessee.

The children of William and Elizabeth were:
William Zoph / William Zophus (Married Louisa, a Cherokee)

William apparently later married Elizabeth Gibson although some feel this is just the same Elizabeth using a different name for some reason.

Note that my line traces through Elizabeth's older brother, David Oxendine, so this is only a side line of research for me.

Notes from Reda - reda*AT*infoave.net

Very little information that I have. None to be found around here. My information came from a lady who was almost 103 years old. She said her grand father was Claborn Jackson son of William Jackson and Elizabeth (Oxendine) Jackson. There were cousins in Alabama who applied to the Indian Rolls (was turned down) /those cousins say William married a Gibson. I don't know what went on. Maybe William was married more than once. I'd be interested to know what you have about them and if it would make my family look better. Sorry.

Calvin Jackson Census Notes

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