William Washington Hunter
Lumbee American Indians

The three children of James D Hunter and Arzella were:
William Washington Hunter who married Margaret Oxendine
Mary Ann Hunter who married "Guv" Hamilton (named after the governor)
John Dudley Hunter - Our Line who married Elizabeth Oxendine

There's also talk of a fourth child and that all were "left in TN with the Hunter Father".

This page talks about the oldest child, William.

William married Elizabeth Oxendine's sister, Margaret Oxendine (Born 1841 Jackson Cty TN; Died: 1874-1875 Lincoln Co Tn; buried Sandlin Cemetery). More Details on Margaret.

The two had 5 kids - John, Elisha, Belle, George, Ed

Of the four sons, one was George Hunter. George Hunter's granddaughter Claudine writes Jane, and Jane then wrote George to say - "Our granddaddy, William W (they say it's Washington) Hunter went to Okla to see his mother at the Indian Reservation. We have been told that she endured the 'Trail of Tears' and Grandpa Hunter came back and gave us this picture we are sending to you. We assume the lady is his sister. We are told Margaret Oxendine (I talked with her yesterday and she said she had confused the names and was well aware that Margaret was William's wife.) lived to be 108 years old in OK." The () is Jane's note on Claudine's story. They are talking about Margaret's mother, Naomi Jackson Oxendine.

Jane continues, "I thought she was talking about Zilla being on a reservation, but I knew she hadn't lived to 108. I called Claudine yesterday and she said she knew she had confused the names. Then she said that she had been told all of her life that the Hunter children: William, Mary Ann and Dudley and they thought there was another boy, was left in Tennessee with the Hunter father, when Indians were taken to OK. She said that the mother was a full Indian and because the children were only part indian they were allowed to stay."

Interestingly, Jane continues "I get so excited about this and am ready to research Indian records, then I remember that ALL the Smiths had blue eyes. I don't believe it is genetically possible to have Indian blood that close, then too the curly hair. Nancy Jane had an olive complexion, as did my sister, but Nancy Jane had curly hair and hazel eyes. Elizabeth Oxendine was 3/8 Indian, which would make Nancy Jane even more watered down. I was so excited about all the new data, but I'm unexcited when I remember all those blue eyes and curly hair."

Lisa points out that this wouldn't of course have been William W's MOTHER who was Arzella. As Jane points out, it was Omi Oxendine. Lisa also thinks she has notes that indicate that Zilla is the STEPMOM of the kids, not the biological mom.

Letter from Jerry Cannon OH, related to William Hunter, brother of JD Hunter -
"Uncle Bill served in the War Between the States. He was captured twice the first time his horse was shot from under him. He was a prisoner for a few days at the most a couple of weeks and escaped. I believe it was in North Carolina or Virginia. He was the drummer boy. The second time he was captured smewhere near the Ohio river not far from cincinnatti Ohio. he was taken to Rattlesnake or Middle Boss Island, near Sandusky Ohio in Lake Erie, where he adn three other guys walked over the ice to the mainland in the early part of 1864 and made their way to Western Tenn. or north Miss. by way of the Ohio and Miss. rivers on a raft which they made and rejoijned the southern army. ... I believe his mother's name was Zilla. I can't recall any talk of a stepmother."

Interview with Ora Bell on July 18, 1963 -
William Washington Hunter was a Primitive Baptist preacher and married one of three Oxendine sisters and had children John, Elisha, Belle, George, Ed. Then William W married the 2nd time Mary Jane Cannon and had six children - Dovie Ann, Lizzie, Sarah (called Sadie), Newman Dudley, Arthur, Lossie. William W married a 3rd time a widow Cannon, young, with several children. William W and his first wife are buried at Primitive Baptist Cemetery Pleasant Grove on the ridge. There are lots of Hunters buried there.

Note that William's brother, John Dudley, married Elizabeth Oxendine!

Letter from Bill, Laurel MD 12/5/1970 -
Bill Hunter had the reputation in his famiy of being something of a holy terror. Aunt Lossie (William W's daughter) told me how he would preach for two or more hours at a time and the kids all had to sit very still on the front bench at church during it all. He really made them toe the line. Exie was telling me how she went to visit him once and found him turning the air blue with his swearing - seems his wife was sick and he was mad at her for not being able to do the plowing and leaving it for him.

Nancy Jane Hunter - 1861
John Dudley Hunter - 1849
James Dudley Hunter - 1826
William Hunter - 1768

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