Herbert Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

From a visitor -

I have successfully traced my mother's maternal family to Archibald Oxendine b. mid 1700's in South Carolina. I did this by finding my grandmother, her mother and father living with the father's uncle Luther Oxendine whose great-grandfather is this Archibald. I have hit a major hurdle and can't seem to get anywhere. If anyone can help me, I would be in your debt and so grateful!

My grandmother was born 10 January 1914 in Tennessee. I believe she was born in Knox County. The Federal census shows her there at 6 years of age. Her father is Herbert Arnold Oxendine who was evidently born in 1892 since he was supposedly 28 in 1920.

Her mother was born Mary Darthala/Datheela/Darthula Coile ca. 1893. She is listed in this same census as Thala Oxendine.

I find this same Herbert Oxendine living with his uncle Luther Oxendine in a 1910 census before he married.

Thala died at 27 years old 5.5 months after this census of 1920. Thala's mother raised my grandmother from that point and for some reason my grandmother didn't have much contact with her daddy or his family after that.

I was told that Herbert Oxendine's mother was not married when he was born and that her name was Verna Oxendine. This poses a big problem in my search since I have Luther and his family listed in Federal censuses from 1870-1920--from childhood through adulthood. The sisters of Luther(Herbert's uncle) are Ellen b. ca. 1867 who's not listed after the age of 3 which makes me think she died before she was 13 (the next census that could have listed her if she was living); Rhoda A. who was b. ca. 1865; Tennernia who was born ca. 1875. I see no one named Verna. Can anyone help me figure this out? Any leads are very much appreciated!

Thank you! Linda rain*AT*texoma.net

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