Hector Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

Hector Oxendine is currently unattached from my family tree.

Hector was the victim of a murder just after the Civil War ended. This following information comes from To Die Game, a book about the Lowery gang.

"Like many Indians, Solomon Oxendine had been conscripted for a time into a labor battalion at Fort Fisher, and had come to sympathize with the cause of the Union. One of his kinsman, in fact, had volunteered as a guide for the Sherman forces. [Lisa's note - this was probably Hector Oxendine] Yet the foragers came also to his own yard and seized his only draft animal. 'I and my wife begged for the mule', he later reported, but the Yankees 'said they were good in this low country ... and they were obliged to have good teams to get out. They took my mule and ... I have not seen him since' (US treasury dept records of the accounting office southern claims, record group 217). "

Once the Civil War was over, many local whites hated the Indians who had helped the Union soldiers, even against their will. From Page 51. "On May 1, 1865, two Indians, William Locklear and Hector Oxendine, were on their way to the house of a white neighbor, who they thought might help them recover some horses "the rebels took from us". But before reaching their destination they were arrested by William Humphreys and some other hostile whites." Hector had helped lead Sherman's men, and the next day William and a few friends killed Hector and buried him. These are depositions on Aug 23 1867 from various people.

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