Edmond Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

From a visitor -

HI, I am looking into the Oxenden or Oxendine family. My grandfather was Luther H. Oxenden and I think he changed his name from Oxendine to Oxenden. His parents were Edmond Oxenden (or Oxendine) and Emmie (or Ammie) Hammond. He was born in Robeson County NC around 1912. I can only find Oxendine Surnames in the Censuses for Robeson County. Do you have any information or know of someone I could contact? Thanks!


So it appears the genealogy is:

Edmond Oxendine / Oxenden, ~1890 - married Emmie / Ammie Hammond

-- Luther H. Oxenden, born 1912, NC

Contact: cade_blythe *AT* yahoo.com

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