Charles Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

There are several Charles Oxendines in our genealogy. This Charles was born to Charles Oxendine, born 1741, son of the Original John Oxendine of Virginia. So this Charles is the grandson of the Original John :)

1790 Census Robeson Cty:
Household of 1 "other free"

1800 Census Robeson Cty:
Household of 3

1810 Census Robeson Cty:
Household of 4

1820 Census Robeson Cty:
Household of 5 "free colored"

It is supposed that this Charles Oxendine was fined $15 for assault and battery in 1837. He couldn't pay his fine and was told to work for free for the sherrif since he was black. He sued in the North Carolina Supreme Court and won.

I'm trying to figure out if this is the same Charles Oxendine that moves to Jackson Cty.

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Cood Oxendine ~1750
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Wilson Oxendine ~1818
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