Charles Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

Charles Oxendine was born around 1741, in Bladen County. Cudworth's father was John Oxendine from Northumberland Virginia - which is far back as our records go!

Benjamin born ~1761
John born ~1762
Charles born ~1763
Jesse born ~1763
Moses born ~1764
Aaron born ~1764
David born ~1765
Nancy born ~1765
Betsy born ~1769
Mary born ~1770
Catherine born ~1771
Sarah Ann born ~1772

Oct 1767: Charles got 150 acres "northeast of Drowning Creek" in Bladen County NC
1766-1768: Taxable as "mixt blood" in Bladen County
1770-1771: Taxable as "Molato"
1793: Got another 200 acres of land

Cool stuff, Nov 23, 1797 he tried to claim against the army for 3 steers he gave to General Rutherford's army. NCGSJ II: 151

1790 Census:
Head of Robeson County household with 11 "other free"

1800 Census:
Head of Robeson County household with 10 "other free"

Charles died on Sept 7 1808 (around age 67) and left 150 acres to son David, 200 acres and grist mill to daughters.

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Cood Oxendine ~1750
David Oxendine ~1775
Wilson Oxendine ~1818
Elizabeth Oxendine ~1839

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