Johnson M Oxendine of SC
Lumbee American Indians

Johnson M Oxendine is one of the many children of Archibald Oxendine who is a "main family head" back in the Oxendine history.

The father, Archibald Oxendine was born on the Pedee River, SC, Aug 26, 1759. Archibald married Patsy Shoemake. To get all the details on Archibald (the father), visit the Archibald Oxendine Pages.

Archibald's Children:
John F Oxendine, b 1805 SC (married Nancy Abigail Lawson)
Levi Oxendine, b 1808 SC
Mary P Oxendine, b ~1810 TN
Johnson M Oxendine, b 1813 TN
Charles Oxendine, b 1814 TN (married Urscilla)
Nathan L Oxendine, b ~1820 TN
Archibald Oxendine, b ~1822 TN
Elizabeth Oxendine, b ~1823 TN
Amanda Oxendine ??
Patsy Oxendine, b 1830 TN
Jonathan Oxendine (married Rebecca Anderson, daughter of Chief William Anderson from Deleware Tribe)
Margaret Jane Oxendine (born 1844 in TN; info from Miah, not on IBCNU's list)

I got this note from Peggy Smith, who is doing work on the John:

Hi! I have been "doing" the Oxendine/Exendine line for ages...I have only guessed at lines before Archibald Oxendine. I have volumes on his children, their children, etc. My husband's line goes:

Archibald Oxendine
Johnson Oxendine
Jasper Oxendine and Mary, his 2nd wife
Joseph Oxendine
Anita Oxendine (and J.R. Smith, her first husband)
Jack Smith (my husband)

My husband and my children are all registered Delaware Indians. The story goes that Johnson changed his last name from Oxendine to Exendine because his family was mad at him for marrying Chief William Anderson's daughter ... but I don't buy this...his oldest brother John lived his life as an Oxendine and his Tombstone says Exendine! Most of Archibald's children married Indians as did their children. As treaties were signed they were always in the right place for trails of tears, etc. If I can help with any in this line, let me know. I have notebooks full. I love your web pages! Best on this line that I have read!

Peggy Smith

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