Angus Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

Angus Oxendine is probably the child of one of Charles Oxendine 1741's sons. I haven't traced all 13 of Charles' kids yet :)

Angus Oxendine married Elizabeth ??? sometime around 1870. We know that daughter Lucinda Oxendine was born on June 18, 1887 in Robeson County, NC.

Lucinda went on to marry Evander Hunt and have at least one child, Crawford. Lucinda died on 10/13/1977 in Harper's Ferry.

We don't know anything yet about how Angus connects in to our family line.

From Daisy Costigan, the descendant down this line: "There is only one Oxendine in the mid-1800's and that's Elizabeth. I never heard my Mom or Aunt's talk about their Great Grandmother Elizabeth, or anyone living in TN (but many did move to Baltimore in the 1900's). They may know something that they heard from their Grandmother Lucy though. I'll ask when I speak to them. If I was able to be around the older people of the tribe, I would know a lot more. I am a couple of hours away, and only visit a couple of times a year, if that." Daisy actually meant Angus, since we don't know Elizabeth's maiden name. Daisy is going to check out a local cemetery for Oxendine graves! dcostigan *AT*

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