Andrew Jackson
Lumbee American Indians

Born: ~1769 Bucks or Lancaster County, PA
Died: mid 1850s

Andrew Jackson's parents were William Jackson and Margaret Wilson. Andrew is the oldest brother of Naomi Jackson Oxendine - Naomi is in my direct line. The siblings in this group are:

Mary Jackson (born ~1755)
Andrew Jackson (born ~1769)
William Jackson (born 1774, married Elizabeth Oxendine)
John Jackson (born ~1778) Guilford County, NC
Naomi Jackson (born ~1784 Guilford County, NC; married David Oxendine)

I got a TON of information about this Jackson tree from Evyonne Eddins - evonandrews*AT* who graciously allowed me to put it online. Evyonne's research is simply amazing!!! N

Evyonne's Update: Wm. Zoph married his 1st cousin (heir fathers were brothers) - Louisa was part Cherokee (not Lumbee) through her mother, Nancy Bridges, a Cherokee, of the Kayshire clan of the North Central area of North Carolina (the original area prior to boundary changes bordered VA). We know that our Jackson lineage is 75% Indo European & 25% Native American - however, the exact tribal affiliation of the Jackson surname&! nbsp;has not been determined. You will note that within the Cherokee Application, the reference to Louisa's mother was : Nancy,a Kaysire Cherokee. Wm. Zoph and all of his brothers filed for Cherokee ribal admittance - all were rejected due to their claim of kinship had not previously regisered within the Cherokee nation. These applications (File numbers given within the information sent) can be obtained from the Federal Archives (Indian Records are located within the Fort Worth, Texas archival branch) I do not deviate from primary documents unless proven differently from primary documentation.

Known Children of Andrew Jackson and Nancy Kayshire Bridges Jackson:
Names of children from Bible Records of Louisa Jackson Jackson, Andrew’s daughter

(1)John b. 1791-1797 Guilford Co., NC;
1820 census Jackson Co., TN: 210001-01001;
1830 Census: 1220001-010101;
1840 Census: 1220001-010101;
1850 Census Hardeman Co.TN Dw 1048 Dist #5 age 53 SC - l
d. bef 1870 Scott Co., MO married Sarah (last name unknown) “went to Western Dist”  [in Hardeman Co., TN by 1845];  Gone by 1870 census.

Known Children: [note that Evyonne has TONS more details on every child of John including their children]
  • a. dau. M. F. Jackson b. (1820-1825)
    married: J. A. Pratt/Priest? (difficult to read) 12 July1847 Hardeman Co., TN,  Andrew Jackson, Bondsman
  • b. James A. Jackson DNA match (1823-1864)
    married: Barbara J. Cantwell/Cantrell, dau of Mark & Nancy Cantrell/Cantwell  9 Nov 1845 Hardeman Co., TN w/James M. Jackson (cousin), Bondsman
  • c. Thomas Jefferson Jackson DNA match (1826-1904)
    married: Martha “Patsy” Allen on Dec 1844;  Gainsborough, Jackson Co., TN (dau of Duke Allen and Sarah Langford) – Son of “T.J.”, Francis Marion - CSA  & son T.J., Jr. shot (when he was abt age 12) in leg by USA soldiers – leaving him with life-long limp
  • d. John Jackson ((1829-?) 
    #1 Sarah (surname unknown)
    #2 Mrs Mary. E. Dexter in Commerce, Scott Co., MO
  • e. Clarinda “Clara” A. Jackson ((1831- ..?..)
    #1 John Boswell 29 April 1851; Hardeman Co., TN
    #2 Samuel Dixon in Scott Co., MO
  • f.   unknown son Jackson (b. 1835-1840 d. ...?..)  No further information
  • g. Benjamin Jackson  (1834-..?..) No further information
  • h. Distimony (1843-bef 1880)
    #1 Benjamin F. Riggin 14 Feb 1864 Scott Co., MO;
    #2 Eli Huffstetler on 9 Feb 1873 Scott Co., MO
  • i. Parmelia  A  “Tiley” (1844-before 1880)
    married: Newton Cantwell, son of  Mark Cantwell, on 9 April 1864; Scott Co.,  MO
  • j. Patsy Melviny (1845-?)
    married: George Washington Riggins 13 April 1865 Scott Co., MO

(2)Jonathan b. 1795-1797 Guilford Co., NC; 
1820 Census Jackson Co., TN: 12001-10001;
1830 Census Jackson Co., TN:
1840 Census Jackson Co., TN: 00010101-000001;
1850 Census Hardeman Co., TN Dwl #1722 Dist #15  age 55 NC - 
d. 4 Dec 1880 Hardeman Co., TN
m.  Mary Elizabeth (1802-1877) “went to Western Dist” [in Hardeman Co., TN by 1845]

Known children:
  • a. Unknown dau;
  • b. James M  ((1824-?)
    #1 Sarah E. Tims 15 Feb 1848 Hardeman Co., TN Jas. A Sumners Bondsman
    #2 Mary A. Glidewell 5 Ma 1856 W. B. Ruffin Bondsman Hardeman Co. TN;
  • c. Sarah (1833-?);
  • d. Louis (1845-?)
    married: Mary Jane Baker  29 Oct 1877 R. F. Ammons Bondsman Hardeman Co.,TN;
  • e. Cynthia Ann(1850-?) m. J. M. Savage 14 Aug 1870 Hardeman Co. TN;
  • f. Mary F.  (1852-?)
    married:  Tonzy Dulin 2 Apr 1871 Hardeman Co.,TN.
  • g. J. E. (1856-?)

(3)Unknown daughter   b. 1793-1794

(4)Richard Dick” W.  b. 1803 
m. Martha (1799-?) prob. Dau of Shadrac Grigg “went to Davison Co Tn”
1830  census Davidson Co., TN: 10012   1102 (age 20-30) - -  Unable to fine Richard  within online TN databases nor in  Sistler’s 1840 TN printed census. – ran an  1840 search for Richard (all states) none in TN but  found one in Charleston 4th Ward, Charleston Dist, SC – could Richard & family make a trip to SC to bring his wife’s father back to live with them?  -see -1850 census- 3rd Dist., McNairy Co., TN pg. 68 23 Oct 1850: Richard Jackson 47 VA farmer ; Martha 50 SC;; Shadrac Grigg 80 SC  
1860 census Dist 3 McNairy Co., TN pg. 390: Richard Jackson 57 VA; Martha 61 SC; NOTE: McNairy County, TN  share its Western boundary with the Western boundary line of Hardeman Co., TN where Richard’s brothers, John & Jonathan settled in 1845 (with both counties  having southern boundary on the TN/MS border)

Known children of Richard “Dick” and Martha Jackson:
  • f.  James  b. abt 1832 TN
  • g.  William b. abt 1834 TN
  • h.  Robert b. abt  1835 TN
  • i.  John W. b. abt 1842 TN

(5)Unknown daughter  b. 1795-1806

(6)Son: b. abt 1804 – Andrew?  Andrew & Carline went to Arkor George? went to Miss R

(7)Singleton b. c1804
married: Sarah (1820-?) “went to Mosury” 
1850 census Daviess, Madison Co., IN;  Singleton 46 SC; William  11 IN; George 8 IN; Andrew M. 5 IN - -
1860 Census Lewis Co., Missouri Reddish Twp Oct 19 Singleton 56 (c1804) farmer SC; Sarah 40 b. TN;
Also in 1860 census Falling Spring, Ozark Co., MO pg.460: Singleton 28 (1832) TN;  Martha 26 TN; James 2 MO –

Known children

  • a. Aaron Jackson  “went to Mosury”  as shown within Bible Records by Singleton’s name - No further information – probable son of Singleton – No further info.
  • a.Loveall Jackson “went to Mosury”  As shown in Bible Records by Singleton’s name - No  further information – probable son of Singleton – No further information
  • b. Singleton Jackson (1832 - ..?..) m. Martha prob. In Madison Co., Indiana
  • c.William Jackson (1839 - ..?..) b. Indiana
  • d. George Jackson  (1842- ..?..) b. Indiana
  • e. Andrew M. or C. Jackson ( (1845 - ..?..) b. Indiana

(8)Samuel  b. (c1805) NC
1850 Census Jackson Co., TN - Sept 16 1850 Samuel 45 NC farmer; Massey 42  SC; shown as “George Woolbright Sary

Woolbright Louisvill KY” within Bible Records – “Pashent went to

Arkansis”“Sary” and “Paschent” were shown within Bible Records) – found “Pashent & Sary” within above census as children of Samuel who is

living next door to Hilson Oxendine, his cousin & son of Omaha Jackson/Williams/Oxendine within this same 1850 census page.

Known children of Samuel and Massey Jackson

  • f.  Elinder Jackson (1831-..?..) Jackson Co., TN
  • g.   Pachase Jackson (1833..?..) Jackson Co., TN “Pashent went to  Arkansis”
  • h. John J. Jackson (1833-..?..) Jackson Co., TN
  • i. Sary Jackson 1/12 TN (Aug 1850) Jackson Co., TN m. George Woolbright – “George Woolbright  Sary Woolbright Louisvill KY” in Bible Records

(9) Son: b.1806-1820  Andrew? Andrew & Carline went to Ark . or George Washington? George. W. went to Miss. R.

(10)  Elizabeth “Lisabeth” abt 1819 Jackson Co., TN
m. John Moore Jackson Co., TN
John Moore & wife  Lisabeth went to Arkansis (per Bible Records);
1870 census William Moore b. abt 1840 ARK River Twp., Independence Co., Ark: John Moore 52 TN; Elizabeth 51 TN;
1880 census Black River Twp., Helen J. Moore. b. abt 1841 ARK

Known Children:

  • f.  Mary A. Moore b. abt 1842 ARK
  • g.   Elizabeth Moore b. abt  1843 ARK
  • h.   Mariah Moore b. abt 1848 ARK
  • i.  Eli H. Moore b. abt 1850 ARK
  • j.  Mary Louisa C. Moore b. abt 1852 ARK
  • k.   Georgina A. Moore b. abt 1854 ARK
  • l.  John W.  Moore b. abt 1856 ARK
  • m.   Hamlin W. Moore b. abt 1861 ARK

(11)  Unknown son b. 1811-1820

(12)  Newell b. 1814 Jackson Co., TN. m. Anna Grant abt 1835 “Cookeville PO, Putnam Co. TN” (per Bible Records) –
1860 census White Plains PO, Putnam Co., TN pg. 26: Nuel 45 TN White; Anna TN– d. 1860-1870 Putnam Co., TN [
1870 Mortality Schedules of Arkansas Published by Capitola Hensley Glazner & Bobbie Jones McLane) - Nowel Jackson age 56 b. TN; died Feb 1870 of paralysis within Pulaski Co.,Ark] –

Known children:
  • a. Martha Jackson b. abt 1836 VA d. 1870-1880 Putnam Co., TN
  • b. Catherine Jackson b. abt 1838 VA - d. aft 1850 White Co., TN
  • c. J. Levi Jackson b. 6 Mar 1840 White Co., TN – d 17 June 1923 Putnam Co., TN CSA deserted & joined USA 
    – married:
    #1 Luzanna Susanne “Zane” Madewell 10 Sept 1865 dau of John Madewell & Judith Grant
    #2 Martha Caroline Bohannon Jones 14 Dec 1909 Putnam Co., TN
    #3 Margaret Madewell 3 Apr 1921 Putnam Co., TN dau of John Madewell & Judith Grant
  • d. James Alexander Jackson b. abt 1842 White Co., TN d. 31 Dec 1862 Murfreesboro, TN CSA
  • e. Eli Jackson (a.k.a. Elias Howard) b. 3 Jun 1844 White Co., TN d. 19 Dec 1937 Morgan Co.,  IL. USA
  • f. Zachary Thomas Jackson b. 1 Nov 1847 White Co., TN; d. 25 Dec 1920 Jackson Co., OK – m. Sarah Louise Harris 29 Nov 1885 Ellis Co.,TX
  • g. Charles J. Jackson b. Jan 1848 White Co., TN; d. aft 1900 Putnam Co., TN
  • h. Caroline Jackson b. abt 1858 Putnam Co., TN; d 1892-1900 Madison Co., MO; m. William Taylor Whitaker abt 1877 Putnam County,TN

(1)Louisa b. Oct 1818 Jackson Co., TN d 1898-1903 Marion Co. Ala m. Wm. Zophus Jackson, son of William & Elizabeth Jackson and nephew  to Andrew.  The marriage took place in abt 1838 in Jackson Co., TN –

Known Children:
  • f.   Francis Marion (a.k.a. Marion Francis) Jackson
  • g. William Jasper Jackson
  • h. Elizabeth Jackson
  • i. Andrew Jackson Jackson
  • j. Robert Thompson Jackson
  • f. Josiah Jackson

(14) Thomas Jackson b. 1820-1825 Jackson Co., TN  “died near White Plains”  -  1860 Census Putnam Dry Valley Putnam Co., TN pg. 24: Thomas 35 (1825); Susan 40; 1870 Cooksville Putnam Co.,TN: Thomas Jackson 50 (1820) TN; Susan 48; Thomas Jackson d. aft 1870. in Putnam Co., TN

Known children:
  • f. Nancy J. Jackson (1855 - ..?..) Putnam  Co., TN;
  • g.  Caroline Jackson (1858 - ..?..) Putnam Co., TN

(15) Martha b. 1822-1824 Jackson Co., TN
m. abt 1840 to Samuel Woodbright, son of Jesse Woolbright in Jackson Co., TN  1816 NC – Bible Records: Sam Woolbright family Mayfield   
1850 Jackson Co., census 5 Oct 1850: Dist 10 Jackson Co., TN pg. 269: Samuel 33 (1817) SC merchant; Martha 26 (1824) TN;
1860 census Jackson Co., TN pg.187 20 June 1860: Samuel  44 (1816) NC merchant;Martha 38 (1822);
1870 census Gainesboro PO, Jackson Co., TN 12 July 1870:Samuel 53 SC (1817); Martha 47 (1823);

Known children:

  • a. Francis “Franky” Woolbright b. abt 1840 Jackson County, TN m. Lark Johnson
  • b. Angeline Woolbrightb. 1843-1845 m. her cousin, George Washington Jackson, son of Enoch & Sentha Jackson
  • c. Mary E. Jackson/Woolbright b. abt 1850 (dau or niece? – shown in early census, Jackson surname dropped by 1870
  • d. Lucinda M. Jackson/Woodbright b. abt 1852 (dau or niece?- shown in early census, Jackson surname dropped by 1870
  • e. Enoch Appae Woolbright (shown as female) b. about 1855
  • f. Alethae “Letha” Jane Woolbright b. abt 1858

(16) Lizabeth Duff “Dicy” Jackson b. abt 1835
m. Morgan “Dith” Martin abt  1850 moved to Galawayes Mills PO,Warren County, KY  (Ref: Bible Records)
1860  census: Morgan Martin 18 TN;   Dicy 25 TN –

Known children:
  • a.Margaret Martin b. abt 1852 TN
  • b.Andrew Morgan b. abt 1856 TN
  • c.Harriett Morgan b. abt 1854 TN
  • d.Sydney Morgan B. abt 1852 TN
NOTE: Nancy says about (16) - 3) The 16th child of Andrew & Nancy Jackson - is in error - Those Bible Records are difficult to analyze. I have recently found out that "Lizabeth Duff "Dicy" Jackson may well be two separae females directly of the Woolbright lineage raher than the Andrew Jackson's line. I have not had time to correct same. I would appreciate it if you could delete that specific entry.

Lisa says - I hate to delete information until we're sure, but I've added the note!

(17) ???Joel Jackson c 1840: 1880
census Hardeman Co. Dist 15 pg. 181 shown within - HH Louis 35 (1845) TN farmer; Jane TN; Lou 13 female TN; John 10; Walter 2 TN; Jonathan Jackson 80 “father” state ?; Mary Elizabeth 70 mother state ?; Joel 40 “uncle state ?; Mary 20 “aunt” state?; Ida 2 “niece”; Andy 20 “cousin; Spivy (?) 25 male “cousin”.

In a move which I consider to be very unfair. Andrew's father gives the whole estate to HIM even though there is an older daughter, Mary. Mary only gets 10 shillings - and this is actually given to her husband. All Andrew has to do is take care of his mom.

From Evyonne: Regarding William Jackson's Will of 1792: It is not unusual for only one or two to be specifically mentioned within Wills during this time period. Most families provided generously to their children upon their marriage when they left their birth place. Andrew and his brother-in-law were specifically mentioned (Joseph Sumers received a little), both were still there at the time of William's death with Andrew left to care for his mother. Nothing unusual about the contents of the Will - have come across that many, many times.

1st I, Give and bequeath all my real and Personal Estate of lands, horses, chattle’s and hog’s and all other movables and things to my Son Andrew. To him his heirs and assigns forever But my will is that after my decease if She lives, that is to Say my dear Wife, Margaret shall be helped and maintained as long as She lived by my said son Andrew and She to live with him and the charges of her and my funeral Both to be discharged by my son Andrew above mentioned.

2nd I give and Bequeath to my Son in law Joseph Summers the sum of Ten Shillings to be paid out of my estate by my son Andrew.

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