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There are no census records in the US before 1790. The only Oxendine that we know of before 1790 is John Oxendine, the founding father of the Oxendine clan. He lived around 1694 - 1759 or so. By the time we hit 1790 and the very first census, we are seeing John's child and grandchildren.

North Carolina - 1790
There are five Oxendine families in North Carolina in 1790. These are:

Charles Oxendine - Robeson Cty - son of original John Oxendine of VA
Benjamin Oxendine - Robeson Cty - Charles' oldest son
John Oxendine - Robeson Cty - Charles' second oldest son
Charles Oxendine (Jr) - Robeson Cty - Charles' third oldest son
Henry Oxendine - Richmond Cty (unknown relation)

North Carolina - 1800
Interestingly, by 1800 there is only ONE Oxendine family in all of North Carolina -

John Oxendine - Cumberland Cty
John Oxendine is the son of Charles Oxendine, grandson of the original John Oxendine of Virginia.

Other States
Tennessee: 1790 census was burnt in the war of 1812 by the British.
Virginia: 1790 census was burnt as well.
Pennsylvania: No Oxendines. Note that I checked various spellings.

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