George Frederick Carl Waller
(Generation 4 from Elizabeth Jane Shea)

My father, George Waller, has traced our family back to the 1400s, through many memorable people. The entire genealogy is on line here, going back through Browns, Smiths, and other surnames. Check the surname list for a general match, or travel up and down the genealogy on-line. It is all done in frames and hopefully should be extremely easy to navigate. I realize some people are resistant to frames, but that helps show the relationship between a child and his mother and father's families.

General Interest

The Full genealogy, FRAMES ONLY; some of the lines go back for 18 generations!
View the SURNAME listing.
Wallers in Germany: the quick summary
The Maguire/Fitzsimmon link from PA, born ~1820, MISSING
The master Shea Page.
Ann Foster - Salem Witch Trials

War Veterans

  • Vietnam War: George Anthony Waller, USAF (my father)
  • World War II / Korean War: Joe Warren, USMC (my grandmother Jane's brother)
  • World War II: George Frank John Waller (my grandfather)
  • World War I: Horace Blakely Warren (my grandmother Jane's father)
  • Civil War
  • Revolutionary War
  • Colonial Wars

My Oxendine - Hunter Lumbee Indian Notes

Recent Geneology

  • 4.1 George Frederick Carl Waller married Elizabeth Lillian Virginia Brown
    • 3.1 George Frank John Waller married Jane Helen Warren
      • 2.1 George Anthony Waller married Ann Iwanciwsky, divorced.
        • 1.1 Elizabeth Jane Waller married Timothy Shea, divorced.
          • 0.1 James Tiberius Shea
        • 1.2 Jennifer Eve Rebecca Waller married Dale Mottram, divorced.
          • 0.2 Jeremiah Forest Mottram
      • " married Bunnie Jo Frye, divorced.
      • " married Darlene Judith Mary Nash, divorced.
        • 1.3 George Cassion Warren Waller
        • 1.4 Thamzen Hull Pleasant Waller
      • 2.2 Rebecca Ann Waller married Michael Stanley Hall, divorced.
        • 1.5 Matthew Brooks Hall
        • 1.6 Emilia Paige Hall
      • 2.3 Blake Edwin Waller married Jacquelyn Anne Inabinet, divorced.
        • 1.7 Lori Beth Jane Waller
      • 2.4 Bruce Albert Waller married Karen Elaine McMahan, divorced.
        • 1.8 Jason Blakely Waller
      • " married Laura Mason
  • 4.2 Dorothy Mae Caroline Waller married Vincent Victor LaBon Sr
    • Vincent Victor LaBon Jr married Annette Nolan
    • Steven Wayne LaBon
    • Beth Ann LaBon married Gerald Martin, divorced.
  • " married Willard Wakeman Whiting

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