Shea Genalogy

Hi. My Name is John Joseph Shea III . I live in Wallingford, CT. I have begun to search my past and I was really suprised to find this page. I am greatful for all of the work you have presented and would like to add to it someday so that many of my present day reletives can use it to get an idea of where we came from.

I have recently begun my search and have not even gotten back very far. As far as I can see. My Great grandfather (John Michael Shea) came from County Cork Ireland. I do not know what date he came over but I have not talked to all of his children yet (All 16!!!. although 6 are still alive.) . My family has gotten so large that I have not seen all but a few of my reletives in a very long time. My trek to find even close relatives (Great Aunts and Uncles...etc.) has been work. As my list of Sheas grows, I am still looking to find my way back in time to Ireland and learn about what I am really looking for.

If you would like to mail me ... I am at

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