It's the wierdest feeling. I have a very large family and I thought I knew them all until I received a letter from a third cousin whom I've never met. Last February, a woman wrote to me from Madison, Wisconsin, explaining that her grandmother had recently passed away. She was going through her letters and came up with an address in Tacoma, Washington. She had to do some detective work because that address was lost when the freeway went through, but she persevered and we got the letter. At first I thought it was some kind of scam to sell us a "family coat of arms" or a listing of everybody with our surname in the world (I am so cynical). Well she had enough detail, including family anecdotes, to convince us.

My new found cousin and I are now doing some geneolgy. Timothy Shea married Bridget Tobin. They were both born in Éire and they had at least two children, Mary and Julia in Oswego, New York. Julia married my great-grandfather James Joseph Glen and Mary married a man named Voelz. Timothy Shea died in a train wreck on his way from New York to Michigan in the 1870's. If anybody runs across any information about Timothy Shea or Bridget Tobin, I can be reached at:

James Glen

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