Mother: Kathryn Laurel Shea born 6 August 1912 in Alton, IL
Mother's Father: Ben Laurel Shea born 10 January 1889 in WI
Mother's Mother: Marguerite Melissa Cutler (no info)
Mother's Father's Father: David Patrick Shea from Michigan
Mother's Mother's Mother: Hattie Estelle Smith (no info)

Kathryn Laurel Shea married Harold Edward McNew on 6 October 1929
Harold Edward McNew born 23 June 1912 in Boone, IA They had one daughter named Sherrett Ann McNew, born 16 July 1930 in Waterloo, IA

Father of Harold Edward McNew was Charles Edward McNew born 1880 in New Castle, MO died in Grants City, MO 5 May 1961
Mother of Harold Edward McNew was Lucy Mae Mason (known as Mae McNew) born in Promise City, Iowa (near Chariton) in 1886 died 31 May 1992 IA

The parent's of Lucy Mae Mason were Esther A. Morris born 11 Sept. 1856 born in Brown County Ohio and Thomas Mason born 1856 approx. and died 5 November 1924 in Chenoa, IL
The father of Esther Morris was Andrew Morris
The mother of Esther Morris was Clar (no known last name)
Father's Father was William Henry McNew born in MI
William Henry McNew married Martha Jane Daniels

Sherrett McNew Rae

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