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This list is organized based on the person in the Shea family who left Ireland (for the US, Canada or Australia, usually). It goes by that person's BIRTH date since we usually know that. The "migrant" person seems to be where most people get stuck and was the most sensible way to organize the information.

Please MAIL me with your address and description, and family history to be added if you're a Shea type! Please try to make it complete - if you just ask for "Patrick Shea from County Kerry" you're matching the name of thousands of people. And if you have them, send along gedcom files for our monster database!


Daniel Shea b1829, co Cork -> W Virginia
Michael Shea ~1830s co Cork -> NY
Matthew Shea b1832 co Cork IRL -> Attleboro MA
Timothy Shea, b~1835 Co Cork -> Easton NY
James O'Shea, b~1830s, co Cork -> CT
Denis Shea, 1839 Co Cork -> NY -> MN
Thomas Sheahan, b1843 co Cork -> US
Michael Shea, b1843 co Cork -> Weymouth, MA
Patrick O'Shea, b1870s, co Cork -> NY
Jeremiah Michael Shea, b1857 co Cork
John Shea, b1872, Balligarric, co Cork -> NY
Joseph O'Shea, b. Sept. 1899, Bandon, co Cork
John Michael Shea, Co. Cork

County Cork, IRL


William Shea b1766 Kerry IRL -> ONT
Catherine Shea b1788, co Kerry
James Shea b1830, Kerry -> Cambridge MA
Mary Ann Shea, b1835 Co. Kerry
John Henry Shea, b~1841, Kerry
Julia Shea, b~1850 Kilgarnen, co. Kerry -> NY
Eugene Shea, b1850s Beaufort co. Kerry -> Boston MA
Patrick Shea, b1860 Castlecove Kerry

MISC: 0 - 1850s

George Shea 1810 IRL -> ME
Michael Shea, b~1814-1820, Tipperary -> AUS
Julia Shea, b1818, Donaskeagh -> AUS
Ellen Shea b1830 IRL
Ellen Shea ~1830 IRL -> NY
Thomas W. Shea ~1830 Galway IRL -> Savannah GA
James Shea ~1831, IRL -> Nova Scotia
Catharine Shea, b1833, Tipperary -> Tasmania
Dan O'Shea, b1835, Tipperary IRL
George Calmese Shay, b1836, Morganton, W.Va.
Thomas John Shay, b1839, Waterford IRL -> Boston MA
Jeremiah Shea, b1840, IRL
Michael Shea, b1840, Glencarrow -> CT
John Joseph O'Shea, b1840s Bantry IRL
Timothy Shea, ~1840s IRL
Cornelius Shea, b1840 IRL -> NJ
John Shea, b1842 IRL -> Belchertown MA

MISC: 1850 - 1900

Patrick Shea b~1850s ? -> US
Daniel Shea, b ~1850s, Ireland
Daniel Shea, b1850 Boston MA
Katherine Shea, b~1855 IA
Timothy Shea, b1859 IRL -> NY
Gordon Adam Shea, b1862, Woodstock New Brunswick
John J Shea, b1864, Canada -> US
James Edward Shea, b1865, Cook Co., IL
Annie O'Shea, b1865, Bantry -> New York City
Margaret Shea, b1871, Wallaroo, S. Australia
James Joseph Shea, b1873 Boston MA
Jennie Hannah Shea, b1873 Nova Scotia
Margaret Shea, b1874 IRL
Timothy O'Shea b1875 Waterville -> St Louis
Hannah O'Shea b1880 IRL -> NY
Dennis Michael O'Shea, b ~1880, Sligo IRL
Will James Shey, b ~1881/1882, Elizabeth NJ
Bridgie O'Shea, b1884 IRL
Dan O'Shea, b. ~1890, Colomane, IRL
Mary Shea, b1890, Kenmare -> US
Margaret O'Shea, b1892, Kenmare
Daniel O'Shea, b1899

MISC: 1900 - NOW

Denis J, O'Shea, b ~1900, Cahirsiveen, IRL
Cornelius O'Shea, b ~1900, IRL
Daniel O'Shea, b ~1900, IRL
Martin O'Shea, b1904, South Dakota
Kathryn Laurel Shea, b1910, Illinois
Gloria Shea, b1921
John F Shea, b1921
Edward C. Shea, b1921 Boston MA
John Daniel Shea, b1947 Norwalk, CT


Delia Shea, CT (husband born 1856)
John O'Shea, b1900s, Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry
John V. O'Shea, b1887, Cahersiveen
Sir Richard Shee, Ireland, Tipperary area
John & Bridget, Kerry -> Memphis TN 1852
John Shea, Kerry -> US emigrated 1855-1860
Dennis Michael O'Shea, Colorado
Michael Patrick Shea, 1900s Phili PA
Hanorah Eileen O'Shea - Barry, co. Cork IRL -> NY -> OR
Patrick O'Shea, co. Sligo -> Canada, early 1900s
Catherine Shea, b ~1835, Skibberdeen IRL
Kerry Sheas
Joseph Patrick Shay, from IRL
O'Sheas Waterford IRL -> Hadfield, Derbyshire
O'Sheas/Sheahan IRL -> ONT -> Wisconsin
misc Sheas
Richard B. O'Shea, KS
Daniel Stephen Shea, RI
Sarah of Balmaral
Mary Cecilia Shay, CT d1951
Robert Shay, Tacoma, WA

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