My maternal grandmother was Hannah O'Shea from County Cork, Ireland (1880 - 1952). She came to New York in 1900, possibly with other family members. She had two sisters in Connecticut, one whose name was Delia. Her obituary indicated a brother in Ireland by the name of Cornelius O'Shea in County Cork.

Her parents were Jeremiah O'Shea and Nellie Driscoll. My mom always told me that her mother had 15 brothers and sisters. I am currently looking for other links.

According to the 1920 census, Hannah O'Shea came over in 1900 from Ireland and became a natural citizen in 1903. She lived in New Rochelle, New York (in Westchester Co.); was born Feb. 10, 1882 in County Cork somewhere and died on March 4, 1952 in White Plains, New York. Her death book included the following people: Jerry O'Shea, Elena O'Shea, William/Mary/Louis Shea (I don't know if they dropped the O' or what?!), Elizabeth Driscoll (a cousin), Julia Brock--Hartford, CT & Delia Collins--New London, CT (I think these might have been her sisters?), and a brother named Cornelius in Ireland.

She married William Thelk (don't know the date) and had 3 children of which my mother was the only daughter. My mother and her 2 brothers are no longer alive.

Pat Miller

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