Shea Genealogy

Dad: John S. Shea, son of John S. Shea and Mary Alcok
rumored to be Mayflower family

Grandad: Son of Patrick Shea, County Kerry, who emigrated post Famine (1855-60 with his father, who was probably a Joseph or John.

Mom: Daughter of John Dooley (1901?) and Mary O'Farrell emigrated 1906
daughter of Wicklow schoolteacher

I'm really interested in the Alcok name. The most recent time i saw my father he said that it might really have been Alcott, as in Louisa Mae, and she may have been related. I wish I could find out. They married in NYC in 1908, I think; my Dad was born in 1909, when Grandpa became Sheriff of New York and the highest paid public official in America after the President. My uncle Billy, who was the only Republican elected after my grandfather for the next 45 years (he was a judge in NYC), was born in 1911, when she died in childbirth. I know next to nothing about her. If you could ever turn anytrhing up, I'd be most grateful. P.S. I won a landmark First Amendment case, Shea v Reno (96-595) in the Supreme Court this June. That's my claim to famne, I guess, besides founding the first Internet daily newspaper.

Joe Shea

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