Hannorah Eileene O'Shea Barry
Born: Cortland County, New York December 10, 1893
Died: Lakeview, Oregon December 30, 1960

Her Father:
Daniel Francis O'Shea
Born: New york State Aug 31 1864
Married Nora Barry in
Tully Parrish, Preble, NY 1891
Died: Reno, Nevada January 1913
Had 5 children who were born in Cortland or Preble New York:

John Phillip died Tule Lake, California 1969
Dennis O'Shea died 1903 - Lakeview, OR
Mary Margaret O'Shea died 1950
Hannorah Eileene Born 1863, Preble New York, Died Lakeview, OR 1960
Daniel Francis O'Shea died 1967

Another person to add:
Dennis O'Shea (the father of Daniel Francis O'Shea and grandfather of the 5 children above)
Born in Ireland his mother was Mary McCarthy

We don't know much about this person...would like to know.

Submitted by Ellen Margaret O'Shea - grand daughter

Ellen O'Shea

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