I am looking for the parents of Joseph O'Shea (b. unknown, Bandon, Cork County) All I know is their names: Daniel O'Shea and Mary Crowley. He was a carpenter, she was a nurse.
Deirdre Puleo

I've been talking to you through daughter Deirdre. Thanks for your help trying to find Daniel O'Shea and wife Mary Crowley. They are an enigma. I only know Daniel was a carpenter and Mary a nurse. He died early 1900's, she died 1950's. Both in Bandon. They had 4 ch.: Emily - who never left IRL, Mary, Ann and my father Joseph who all came to NY and stayed. They are all deceased now and none of my cousins knows more than I do. My only hope is a sibling of my gparents or their children reading your Shea pages. Thanks again. Jean (Deirdre's mother)

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