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Greetings! The SEE family starts in Holland and came to New York and Virginia from that base. We have quite a few connected lines here, as well as on line records and histories.

There are also notes on related "Dutch" lines - Yerks/Reynolds/Slagle/etc. in there too

Tarrytown Births, Deaths, and Weddings
Quaker Cemetery Records
Newspaper Clippings
Old Sleepy Hollow Church Picture
Old Sleepy Hollow Church Memberships -> 1836
Old Sleepy Hollow Marriages -> 1836
Old Sleepy Hollow Baptisms -> 1836
Old Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Transcriptions
Old Sleepy Hollow Cemetery - "1900-1902" update
OSH Vol 2: Marr/birth etc. 1836-1866
Westchester County Marriages
Westchester County Deaths
Westchester County Early History
Sees in the War of 1812

See and Six Locations


NY - North Castle etc. See Line
The original spelling was SY in France. When the persecution of Protestants became too great, they moved to Germany and Germanized the spelling to SIE--the basic rule of German pronunciation being to pronounce the second vowel and silence the first. With the issuance of the Edict of Nantes, some of the family moved back to France and some stayed in Germany. When the Edict was revoked, they threw up their hands in disgust and came to America ;) with the main contingent aboard the "Diamond" in the body of Isaac and Esther and their children and some wives. They landed in "New Netherland" on 22 Oct 1674. - Rena

NOTE: Katy Thomas has come up with a line tracing Isaac See back to JACQUES SIX, born Abt. 1489, Croix, Nord, France. Our research has it ending with Jean See, father of Isaac. Rebuttals to the "Six connection" were made by David and by Rena.

Mid-Atlantic Sees

One family began with Martin See, perhaps arriving in PA in 1743, then PA->VA->KY. He had John (b1755) who had Joseph KY, IN, MO (b1787). Joseph had a son named Joseph (b1817) who went to California.

Unconnected By Date

History of the Huguenot Immigration to America - book
Tons of US SEE Land Records! - Bluford See in AK, more!
Alberta, Canada SEEs
Canadian SEEs
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See's Candy, CA
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