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Greetings! There aren't very many Pesces out there. My Pesce family came over from Campagnia, Italy around 1909, to Maine. If you are from a Pesce family, we probably are related somewhere back in time. Read through this site, and contact me if you have information to be added to our pages.

My Pesce Genealogy

Ferdinando Pesce, b ~1850 Ebola Italy Obituary for son, Gaetano

Other Pesce Genealogies

Carlo Pesce, b1900, Acqui, Italy His father: Guiseppe Pesce; his: Lorenzo Pesce
"Signora" Teresa Pesce, b ~1780? San Gregorio Magno, Salerno, Campania
Paolo's Pesce Pages & Map, down through the centuries!
Vito Pesce, Bari, Italy b 1830-1850??

Other Pesce Information

Notes Gathered on Pesces
Queries for Pesce Information

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