Nancy Warren Grammer
Great Depression in Tennessee

Nancy Warren was born on June 8th, 1918 in Camp Jackson, South Carolina. Her father, Blakeley Warren, was in World War I during much of her childhood. She grew up in Tennessee with her mom, Ora Belle. The top picture on the left was taken when Nancy was 1 month 3 days old, in a studio in Columbia SC "for Daddy to take to France". The second picture down was taken when Daddy came back from WWI. The third is much later, during WWII and shows Ora Belle with her first grandchild, Julie.

Nancy currently lives in Tennessee with her husband, Lynnwood, who she married during WWII. Lynnwood was a bomber pilot trainer in Dodge City, Kansas. Here are letters from Nancy describing her childhood, growing up in Tennessee during the Great Depression and the years between WWI and WWII.

Visits with Nancy:
2003 Trip to Ripley TN
2002 Trip to Ripley TN

12-18-01: The First Letter
01-29-02: Wash Tubs and Wood Stoves
02-03-02: School Yards and Santa
03-26-02: Toys
05-14-02: Dad
06-11-02: Chix and Dreams
07-05-02: Punishments
08-20-02: Misc
09-15-02: Dad and the Plow
11-19-02: Listen to the Radio
03-02-03: Dating during the Great Depression
05-08-03: Weddings and the Heat

Baby Nancy & Mom, 1918
Nancy's First Xmas, Dec 1918
Nancy & Grandpa Smith, Feb 1919
Nancy with her Parents June 12 1919
Nancy and Tom Moore, her cousin
Nancy and Peggy, her puppy
Nancy with her Curls, and Joe too
Nancy and Joe, her younger brother
Jane, her sister

Baby Book Notes
Nancy's first homes
Notes on Nancy's first Easter
Nancy's toys and pets

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