Shea Genealogy of N Attleboro, MA

Looking at the 1940 census for North Attleboro, Massachusetts, there were four different Shea families living in town. Three of them were related. These were the families of John P Shea (born 1870), his brother Matthew L Shea (born 1875), and Matthew's son John F. Shea. There was also a fourth, seemingly unrelated Shea in town, Margaret Shea. Margaret had just moved into town with her son from Dorchester.

Here are the Sheas in my son's family line.

Shea Genealogy of N Attleboro, MA

So at the very top we have Matthew Shea

Then his son Matthew L. Shea is in our line. We also have info on his brother, John P. Shea. Both ended up in North Attleboro, MA.

In the next generation, Matthew L's son John F. Shea was my ex-husband's grandfather. So he was a known relative. We've also talked quite a lot with Rick, who was John D's cousin.

The full genealogy of the people I'm talking about here can be found At This Framed Site. Please Email Lisa if you have any information.

Surnames Involved: Shea, Pesce, Riordan, Doran, Curley, Carney, Smith, Evans

Wars Involved: Crimean, Mass 3rd Infantry - Civil War

Unknown Sheas from the site which show up in North Attleboro / Attleboro from 1841 - 1910:
William Shea / Attleboro / died 1872
Nathan L. Shea / Attleboro / born 1875
Ellen Louise Shea / Attleboro / died 1881 - could this be John P's sister, dying young?
Oddie Shea / Attleboro / died 1885
John William Shea / Attleboro / died 1886
Margaret Shea / Attleboro / died 1886
Della B. Shea / Attleboro / born 1887
Helen Florence Shea / N. Attleboro / born 1901
John J. Jr. Shea / Attleboro / married 1901
William Riley Shea / N. Attleboro / born 1901
Matthew Shea / N. Attelboro / died 1903
Marjorie Louise Shea / N. Attleboro / born 1904
Harold Shea / Attleboro / born 1905
Mary Mathew L. Shea / N. Attleboro / married 1906 (odd record?)
John Lawrence Shea / N. Attleboro / born 1907
Emma Theresa Shea / Attleboro / married 1907
Emma Irene Shea / Attleboro / born 1907
Harold Shea / Attleboro / died 1908
Charles S. Shea / N. Attleboro / born 1909
Bridget Shea / Attleboro / married 1910

So are any of these related to "our Sheas" above? Why are there suddenly so fewer Sheas when we get to the 1940 census?

Notes from my research into Shea and Riordan during my 1997 Ireland Trip
The Master Shea Page

1850 Census for N Attleboro Area
1860 Census for N Attleboro Area

Things Under Research:
  • Parents of Caroline Kelley in England*
  • Birth/Death of Caroline Kelley* - Mass Vitals doesn't have it
  • Birth of Matthew L Shea (and siblings)
  • Death of Matthew L Shea - Mass Vitals doesn't have it
  • Birth/death of John Riordan
  • Birth/death of Mary Curley
  • Birth/death of Catherine Riordan
  • Birth IRL/death of Alice Doran*
  • Birth IRL/death of Michael Riordan*
  • Birth of Frank Curley* IRL
  • Birth of Mary Carney* IRL

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