Lisa Shea

I have lived in many places over the years. I think moving around and getting to know a variety of people helps one appreciate the great diversity we have available in our world. I envy those who get to live in a variety of countries while growing up!

Childhood (through age 18)
Pennsylvania Avenue, Suitland, MD - 1969 (7 months)
Iverson Street, Oxon Hill, MD - 1969-1971 (23 months)
Perry Hill Road, Ashford, CT 1971-1972 (5 months)
Cameo Drive, Willimantic, CT 1972-1974 (30 months)
Jackson Street, Willimantic, CT 1974-1979 (60 months)
Fairlawn Street, West Hartford, CT 1979-1982 (40 months)
Shoddy Mill Road, Glastonbury, CT 1982-1985 (30 months)
Willowbrook Drive, Glastonbury, CT 1985-1986 (15 months)
Elbridge Street, Worcester, MA 1986 (3 months)

Young Adult (18-26)
William Street, Worcester, MA 1986-1987 (9 months)
William Street (different apt), Worcester, MA 1987-1988 (12 months)
Church Street, N. Attleboro, MA 1988-1989 (12 months)
Duncannon Ave, Worcester, MA 1989-1990 (12 months)
Rhode Island Ave, Providence, RI 1990-1992 (24 months)
Stanton Street, Worcester, MA 1992-1994 (19 months)
Maryland Ave, St. Louis, MO 1994-1995 (12 months)
Cherry Street, Newton, MA 1995 (7 months)

More Mature Adult ;) (26+)
Lincoln Road, Sutton, MA 1995-present (225 months)

Map 1 - my life through age 18, when I got married.

Lisa Shea map

Map 2 - My life as an adult aged 18 to 26.

Lisa Shea map

Map 3 - My life as an adult aged 26 to now :).

Lisa Shea map

Here's a pie chart of the locations in order, with the percentage of time spent at each one :).

Lisa Shea map

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