Jane Warren - Pol Shane

Jane Warren was the youngest child of Ora Belle and Blakeley Warren, born and raised in Tennessee in the pre-WW2 days. Her oldest sibling, Nancy, was several years older, and in between was brother Joe. Nancy was the wild, tomboy of the family, and by her teens she was going out to dances and enjoying the young soldiers of WW2. She often went on sleepovers with friends and did well both in school and in sports. She fell in love with and married George Waller.

You can learn more about Jane from her mother's 1941 Diary Entries, when Jane was a lively 16 year old teenager.

Jane filled out a family questionnaire in the 90s and said her favorite food was "anything sweet". Her breakfast that day was 1/2 english muffin and cranberry juice. When she was little she wanted to be a circus acrobat riding on horses.

Here's a story Jane shared about her older sister, Nancy:

Ole Nan (didn't know her name wasn't "Ole Nan" until I was a teenager) had stolen (yes, willfully taken with malicious forethought) my bobby pins and after chasing her around the house a time or two I cornered her in the bedroom and pushing her over the end of the bed I held her on her head while she sputtered. My first victory over big sister.

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