1961-5: 11 Court of Oaks, Westport CT

Visited in Oct 2003

We drove down from Mansfield to Westport, going past the cool painted rock and the famous "Snake Bridge" that my sis and I used to love.

Finally, lovely Westport, a very rich town where Paul Newman now lives.

The first beach we stopped at had TONS of Canadian Geese, a groundhog and red squirrels. Dad played volleyball on its grassy meadows. Here are some photos of the banded geese we saw -

Banded Geese

On to the house. Dad remembers living in various rooms in this house, including a cool 'teen suite' in the basement that he loved. His mom planted most of the plants around the house, and they had a ping-pong table. The basement had 3 bars and a wine cellar. When his grandma (anti-alcohol) came to visit, the wine would be hidden over the fridge.

Click on any image for a larger version, for use as backgrounds.

There was a little stream that you crossed over to get to the road the house was on, Dad almost slid his dad's car off the bridge once.

We saw the school Dad went to - a brick series of buildings set up like a campus. The "greasers" got the upper parking lot and would hang out there - Dad says they dressed and acted just like the greasers from the movie "Grease". We saw the house of his then-girlfriend, and the downtown area. There were two beaches in town and he'd go there with her, eating at the snack bar there. He doesn't remember going to the beach as a family - just him and his friends.

The snack bar was open when we visited and we got to sit and watch the waves while we ate. Dad says he loves that sort of 'beachside food'. You can enlarge that first photo.

We saw a bunch of seagulls here too -

Herring Gull Photos
Great Black-Backed Gull

There were many revolutionary war statues around, this area saw a lot of fighting and sacrifices.

Dad was active in his church group and would play baseball in the back lot with his friends. He remembers the guys would all back up "up the hill" when he was at bat since he could hit the ball so far. He still remembers a great catch his friend, Ted Barr, made one day. The first 2 photos are enlargeable.

We drove by Ted's old house, and a nearby house Dad remembered that was done up as a Mexican villa. He remembers that he and Ted used to bike into Westport for the day to roam around. He also remembers canoing up the river there, all the way from one end to the other.

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