Stanislav / Iwanciwski Family of Nebiliv

My grandfather, Anton Iwanciwski, was born in Nebiliv, Ukraine. Growing up, my mother never knew much at all about his family. It was only in 2009 that via Facebook I was able to track some of the Iwanciwskis of Alberta down, and make a connection! Amazingly, they were still writing the Iwanciwski family back in Nebiliv and were able to get me an address! I was so thrilled :)

Stanislav Solomchuck is of "my generation" but older by just over ten years. His grandfather and my grandfather were brothers.

Here is my current take on the full family tree - click for a larger version -

So on this family tree, my grandfather is Anton, center pink. The Alberta Canada Iwanciwskis are descended from Peter, on the left in blue. Stanislav is descended from Ann, in the middle in blue.

Here is the family tree Stanislav drew out for me, during one of our first conversations in late 2009.

Iwanciwski Family Tree

Here is Stanislav's second version of the full family tree. Click on it for the giant full sized version -

Iwanciwski Family Tree

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Letters from Natalka
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Photos Sent from Ukraine
Stanislav's Daughter Tanya's wedding
Stanislav's Parents - wedding
Stanislav's Parents - portrait
Stanislav's Christmas

Photos from Our Album
Javdoha Iwanciwski - Anton's Daughter
Basil Iwanciwski - Anton's Nephew

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