Ukraine Photos

My grandmother, Eva, was born in Brody Ukraine. She was in Germany during the war, and after a few years immigrated to Connecticut. Here are a collection of photos from her times in those various areas.

In Ukraine - Eva's Side
unknown female friend
Eva & her siblings?
Eva and Two Men
Sydor and Matvij with Woman
Two women
Family 2
Mom and two kids
Evhenia as a teenager

In Ukraine - Eva's Father's Funeral
Father's Funeral - Bed
Father's Funeral - Bed
Father's Funeral - Coffin
Carrying the Coffin
Priest at the Burial

In Ukraine - Anton's Side
Javdoha Iwanciwski - Anton's Daughter
Basil Iwanciwski - Anton's Nephew

In Germany
Two unknown female friends
Eva & Ivan
Eva holding baby Anna
Eva, Anna with three other mother/child
Eva, Anna and Anton on the train to the coast

In Connecticut
Eva and Anna on Lafayette St
Eva and Anton at Friend's Home
Frank and Irene Zabski in 1953
Anna, Eva and Anton in 1953
Anna in 1954
Romanna with Doll
Group of friends - 1956
Group of friends - Christening
Eva, Anton & Hnat Christmas Eve

My Parents and Godparents
The Three Men
Girl in Station Wagon

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