Ukrainian Music CD Reviews

I love Ukrainian music! I listen to it all the time on my computer while I work. When I went on my Trip to Ukraine I brought my iPod of Ukrainian music and played it on the train.

Ukrainian Folk Music / Air Mail Music
Primarily vocal harmony songs - some slow and moving, others fast and dance-worthy.

Ukrainian Song and Dance /

Ukrainian Village Music / Arhoolie Records
These songs help you realize how close village music of the world is. It sometimes sounds exactly like fiddling from the Appalachian mountains! There are 24 different songs on this set, all recorded back between 1928 to 1933. These are the types of songs our grandparents would have been dancing around to at weddings and festivals.

Ukrainian Voices / Playasound
The collection of vocal singing music is superb here, and the quality of the recording is equally as good. The recording was done in France - so the titles of the songs on the CD are shown in French - but the music is 100% Ukrainian and beautiful.

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