Anton Iwanciwsky

Anton Iwanciwsky was born in Nebiliv, Ukraine before World War II on February 7. We believe his parents are Wasyl Iwanciwsky and Anna Wisnowylsch. During World War II he ended up as a worker in Germany. After the war he and wife Eva moved with Eva's young daughter Ann to the United States. Ann then had two children - Lisa (me) and Jenn.

Here are photos of Anton Iwanciwsky.

Anton and granddaughter Lisa
Anton, Eva, Lisa and Jenn

Anton Iwanciwsky's Birth Certificate

I now have correspondence with the family of Anton's sister, Ann! Ann has passed away, but her family still lives in Ukraine, in Nebiliv!

Anton died in October 1985 at the age of 75.

Stanislav and the Iwanciwski Family

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