The Waller - Warren Family Cookbook
Recipes and History

Welcome to the Waller Family Cookbook! Our Wallers are traced back to what is now Germany, in 1645. They came over just before the 1900s in the person of my great-great-grandfather. Carl Johann Friedrich Waller was born 22 Oct 1859 Stade, came to Chicago a few years later. His grandson, George Frank John, married Jane Helen Warren, of sturdy Tennessee settler stock.

Here is a great collection of recipes from both sides of that family, and the many descendants!

Devilled Eggs (Just about all Wallers)

Main Dishes
Beef Bourguignon (George A. Waller)
Fried Okra (George A. Waller)
Pork Chops with Mushroom Soup (Jenn Waller)

Boiled Custard (Julie Castleberry)
Spritz Christmas Cookies (Lisa Waller)

Grand Marnier - straight up (George A Waller)
Manhattan (Jane Waller)
Rum and Coke (Lisa Waller)
Screwdriver Cocktail (Jenn Waller)

Easter Dinner (Becky Hall)

Profiles of the Waller - Warren Family Members