Barbara Samora Tucker

Barbara Tucker died unexpectedly during surgery on her kidney, on Monday, October 22, 2001. A blood clot was caught in her lung, and she died at 6:00pm. She was 56. I have notes from her Irish burial online.

Only a few weeks before this, Bob and I (Lisa, his girlfriend) were at her home in NY. I spent one entire afternoon going through all of her old pictures with her. They were hard to track down, but I felt it was important, so we finally dug them out of the cellar and went through them all. I told her that her high school photo had her looking like a movie star! Another photo, of her lounging in a black dress by a gunrack, had her very beautiful and vampish. Yet another in her 'hippy dress' made her smile at how people dressed back then.

She loved the pictures of her fishing days, and talked a lot about how much she loved to fish. Her favorite pictures from more recent times included those of her and Tom when they rafted the Colorado river - she kept saying Bob and I had to go out there to see the Indian villages in the cliffs. She also really loved the pictures from their various trips throughout Ireland - in a tiny guard tower, in ruins, and kissing the Blarney stone (she said Tom thought she was silly to want to kiss it, which only made her want to kiss it more!).

I've gathered her favorite pictures here, with notes where I remember what she told me. If you have further details on any of these pictures, please mail them in!

Barbara's Childhood
Her favorite pictures of Bob, Tom, and her boats
Pictures of Barbara & Tom together
Work-related pictures
From her Colorado Trip with Tom
Pictures from Ireland
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