Genealogy Information and Tips

Greetings, my name is Lisa Shea! I wrote about genealogy for for many years. My father is heavily into genealogy, and so was my grandmother. It's a family obsession with us!

Here are the categories of articles I wrote on genealogy and related topics. Click on a category to read the articles I wrote on that topic. You can still find many of my articles on BellaOnline, too! :)

Research Assistance
Civil War Research
Indian / Native American Research
International (non-US) Research
Irish / Ireland Research
US Record Research

Family History and Information
Cookbook Recording
DNA Genealogy Testing
Health Recording
Video, DVD and Cassette Transfers

General Genealogy Assistance
Book and Software Reviews
Gravestone Recording and Care
Misc / General Help
Sites on the Web

Lisa's Main Genealogy Page

Note - Lisa Shea wrote this content for the genealogy site at - you might still find this content there as well. That's fine :) I gave permission!


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