Startopia Walkthrough: Mission 3: The Targ Collective

OK, you're learning about trading now. You need to build up a cargo trading facility and earn 100,000 energy units. You start out with 50,000. Really the secret is just like in stock - buy low, sell high. The little smiley faces on each trading ship tells you if something is a good or a bad deal.

Start out with stuff like a comsensor (hire a Targ!!) and a huge stardock. Open up the other segments to have room for everything.

When the traders start coming, keep note of which race each one is. Each race has certain things it sells cheap, and things it'll pay a lot for. For instance, buying medical stuff from Greys is great, you can sell it at a huge profit to the other races. Arona has special items but usually charges a lot for them.

Be sureto builda recycler, cargo hold and factor (with salt hogs running it) - you'll need all 3 to help your trade situation and cleanliness.

Some examples of things to trade are:

Sirens will ...
Buy sickbays - 7500
Buy medical supplies - 1250
Sell you luxury goods - 750

Targ will ...
Buy factories - 7500
Buy industrial - 625
Sell image projectors - 300
Sell BMG - 750
Sell cargo hold - 3750

Salt Hogs will ...
Buy hardware - 625
Sell minerals - 187
Sell factories - 4500

Greys will ...
Buy image projectors - 600
Buy comsensor - 6250
Buy luxury goods - 1250
Sell sickbay - 4500
Sell medical supplies - 750
Sell lavotron - 1500

So you see, you can buy a sickbay from a Grey at 4500 and turn around and sell it to a Siren for 7500. Easy 3000 profit! Just do this a few times and you rake in the cash.

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