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Lisa Shea Time Management Course
It's a common refrain in modern times. There just isn't enough time to do everything you want to. We have the same 24 hour day-night cycle that our ancestors did, but the world around us has changed. Now there are literally millions of books available at our fingertips, millions of YouTube videos to watch, and more channels on TV than we can manage to organize. Want to learn watercolor painting? It's a click away. Want to become a swordsmith? Click and you can get started.

It's incredibly empowering - and it's also exhausting. It's easy to quickly run out of time. A momentary diversion can send you down a rabbit hole. A blink of an eye later and you realize you've lost an entire day to something which wasn't high on your priority list.

These weekly workshops will help.

I've written over 450 books. I'm the owner of Minerva Webworks LLC and run 30 websites. I'm president of the Blackstone Valley Art Association. My artwork, from photography to cyanotypes to watercolors and more, has won numerous awards. And still I actively want to learn more skills and explore what else our world has to offer. I manage all my interests through careful time management.

Let me help you make progress in your own life.

All participants in these workshops are provided free copies of my book on time management, my book on setting goals, and my book on just saying no.

Time Management - A Step By Step Course of Efficient Strategy by Lisa Shea Writing a Vision Statement And Setting Goals by Lisa Shea Learning to Say NO and to Say YES to Your Dreams! by Lisa Shea

Each workshop starts with the vision statement step, for those who haven't done it yet. Those who have a vision statement review it. Then we talk about the long-term and short-term goals in service of that vision statement. Then we cover the current weekly and daily goals to move us in that direction.

Cost: $5 per session
12 students maximum
teen and up

Current session schedule:
Mondays 3-4pm EST on Zoom

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