A Cornish Pixie in Whitinsville

A Cornish Pixie in Whitinsville

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Kerensa is book three in the Cornish Pixie in Whitinsville short story series. This interconnected short story series follows Emily's adventures as she explores Whitinsville, Massachusetts with a small band of magical creatures. The stories are written gently, with no violence, swearing, or other adult content. They are quite suitable for teenagers and up. I tend to write with a vocabulary which might challenge many middle-school readers, but advanced readers would enjoy the journey.

Half of all proceeds from this series benefits battered women's shelters.

I would love your input as I'm writing these - it's your suggestions which will help guide the direction the story moves in! If you prefer to read your stories complete, you are welcome to wait until the sequence is complete and then buy the box set. Either way, you support the cause! I traditionally create a boxed set for my short story series every 10 books.

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Book 4 in this series is coming soon!

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