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The Red Bellied Woodpecker, Melanerpes carolinus, is a very shy bird, coming occasionally to suet feeders if it feels safe. It is a large, solitary bird, about the size of a flicker, a bit smaller than a blue jay.

Amusingly, the thing that stands out about this bird is not a red belly at all, but the stripe of read down its head. The male has a full stripe from nose to wings. The female has red on the back of her head only - not on the forehead. On both the breast is white, and the wings are striped black and white. The male has a specked rump while the female's wings are just striped all the way down.

Note that the breast is a solid white - flickers are the birds with spots on their breasts.

The juvenal birds have a brown head instead of the red.

Red-bellies have a gentle call, kwirrrr, or can do a chew-chew call. They live from New England and the Great Lakes down through the gulf states. They enjoy woods and orchards.

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