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Itīs hard to imagine that a mere 100 years ago, the Wild Turkey in the US was in danger. Overzealous hunting had driven the native bird, once considered by Benjamin Franklin to be the ideal national bird, into dangerously low numbers. However, conservation in the past century has helped the Wild Turkey regain a steady footing across the continent.

Wild Turkey Photo

It is fitting that, while thinking about which of a myriad of topics the next birding article should be written on, I should happen to drive past a flock of 12 wild turkeys near my home! I raced home to grab my camera, and went back to the side of the small highway where Iīd seen them. Yes, there were six male and six female turkeys, enjoying the sunshine of early spring.

Wild Turkey Photo

Wild turkeys range over the eastern US and southwestern US, all the way down to Mexico. They live on berries, acorns, insects and seeds. They like to live in woods, and of course make a "gobble gobble" noise!

These turkeys were quite tolerant of my presence, and watched me with interest as I stood a ways off from them, snapping photographs. Eventually, their nap time done, they wandered down to the stream for a drink. If you have woods in your area, wander through them sometime - you never know what kind of large bird you might encounter!

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Photos by Lisa Shea

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